Why You Need A Candy Club Subscription

Hello everyone, happy hump day! It’s Wakeboard Wednesday over here and the weather has been divine lately – I can’t wait to hit the lake today! I am SO excited about today’s post you guys. It is all about the Candy Club Subscription, the one and only Candy of the Month delivery service. AKA my dream!!

Let me first tell you something about myself – I am a candy fanatic. Like, I can throw down. My whole family is this way. Tyler always jokes that I could eat a plate full of candy for dinner.. when in all reality, I totally could. I crave sugar 99% of the time (hence my root canal last December!). I love candy.

When I got the opportunity to sample and review the Candy Club box, I was SO excited. It was a dream come true!! haha. But really. You guys gotta try this. Keep reading for details about the box, types of candy, and how to get $20 off your first box!

The Candy Club Subscription is a monthly candy delivery. This means that each month, they mail you a box of at least three different kinds of candy for you to try! You can choose your own candies from their wide variety of options, or they create a custom box curated just for you based on the survey you take when signing up.

Gummy candy is my favorite, so I went with pineapple rings, strawberry banana belts, and the sour octopus. Let me just say – WOW. They are seriously all SO good. I have eaten lots of candy in my day, and these are absolutely some of the best. The portions are huge, the quality is great, and the flavors are unlike anything else! Especially the pineapple rings, the tropical flavor was so strong and so amazing!! 

The box came with the three containers of candy, sprinkled with another candy of their choice that happened to be some minty hard candies (which I love!!). It also came with a descriptive card for each candy with the nutritional facts on the back. A+ for packaging!!

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If these photos and descriptions haven’t made your mouth water, you are crazy! The Candy Club Subscription will make all of your sweet tooth dreams come true! There are a few different subscription options on their site. You can cancel anytime, no fees or gimmicks! If you click this link or use the code “IHEARTCANDY218”, you can get $20 off your first box! I know it seems a bit spendy, but if you choose the yearly plan with the $20 off code, you can get your box for just $10. Cancel if you don’t like it, but at least give it a shot!

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