A Month in Review: June

Hey party people! Happy hump day.

I realize that we still have a couple more days of June, but I know next week will be busy with the 4th of July so I’m sharing these “month in review” photos today! I cannot believe this month is practically over, I feel like it just started!! TIME FLIES.

We started off the month of June with Molly’s wedding in Pocatello! Everything about the day was so beautiful, we loved celebrating with Molly and Neil and seeing some friends from Alaska!

The most beautiful bride! Chick-fil-a is our favorite dinner spot for date night!  We love spending Saturdays at the lake!!    Harvey got a haircut!! All the hair was getting seriously toasty on these hot summer days. We thought he looked like a naked mole rat for the first few days, but we are finally getting used to it! We spend many days this month at the golf course… Tyler’s favorite place in the world!  We spent Father’s Day at Tyler’s Aunt & Uncle’s house in Idaho Falls. We don’t see the Shearer side of the family very often so it was nice to see everyone! They live up in the foothills and have an amazing view, the sunset was incredible! More time at the golf course!  We shopped around and got some dinner at the farmers market!Our date night last weekend took us over to Driggs and across state lines into Alpine, Wyoming! We watched a gorgeous sunset over the Tetons, ran through some flower fields, and saw so much other gorgeous scenery. Getting away for just a few hours is SO good for my soul. I crave the woods (especially because we live in the desert!), and nothing compares to time spent with my boo!  Lastly, I took Harvey for a little hike and MAN was he toasty!! We didn’t even make it halfway up the butte before he would hide in the shade and NOT. MOVE. I have never seen him that exhausted or hot before, so I dumped some water on his head and took him home… haha. I love y’all!! Thank you so much for reading. How was your month of June?? I’d love to hear from you!!

Have a great rest of your week!




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