Independence Day

Hey friends! Is it just me, or is this the Monday-est Wednesday ever?? It was tough for me to get out of bed this morning – my entire body aches from all of yesterdays activities. We had the BEST day!

We started the morning with the community mile run down main street! Tyler, being as competitive as he is, took the run VERY seriously and left me in the dust just moments after the start. There were hundreds of people already lining the streets for the parade, many of which Tyler and I knew. We would hear friends cheering us on from the street, and Tyler responded each time, “As long as I beat my wife, I’m good!!!” Like I said…. he’s competitive. We both finished right around 8 minutes. Tyler may have (just barely) beat me, but the mini powdered donuts he ate for breakfast made an appearence about 10 minutes after the race in a nearby parking lot… Which made losing not as bad 😉
After the race, we pulled out our camping chairs and by some miracle, found a spot to sit for the parade. I admittedly got a little emotional at the beginning of the parade as the color guard and police officers led everyone down Main Street. Everyone put their hands over their hearts and stood in silence as the flag went by. I couldn’t help but think about how blessed we are to live in this country, to have the right and freedoms that so many others don’t. I respect this country so much and I am absolutely proud to be an american!
I loved watching the parade, it reminded me so much of spending the 4th of July in Richfield with my grandparents and the small town vibe of the parade there. It was the same feeling here in Rexburg, tons of small town families and businesses all getting together to celebrate. I don’t care what anyone says – there is nothing better than celebrating Independence Day in a small town!
That afternoon, we got together with our friends Nick and Shani and floated down a section of Henry’s Fork! We got cheap tubes from the grocery store and it was perfect! I thought the water would be freezing but the temperature was perfect and felt amazing after being out in the heat all morning. This was probably my favorite part of the day!
We had a small BBQ at our house that evening before heading to Idaho Falls for the big firework show. When we got there, there was TONS of traffic, but I was determined to get up close & personal because these fireworks are supposedly some of the best in the nation! We found a parking spot, a small spot on the grass to sit, and waited for the show. The fireworks did NOT disappoint, it was the best array I had ever seen. We all watched in awe (even Harvey) as the sky lit up and we listened to the synchronized background music complete with historical narrations about our country. It was beautiful!
We knew getting out of there after the show was going to be a nightmare, but we grossly underestimated the amount of chaos that was to come. We got in our car to leave and didn’t move and inch for a whole hour. Traffic was at a standstill all around us, and showed no signs of a systematic exit plan. It was a mess! It took us nearly two hours to leave the parking lot, getting us home after 1am. All in all, I think it was worth it to see the amazing show and getting to spend the time with our friends while dealing with the traffic fiasco.
I love this holiday so much and had the best day yesterday! Huge shoutout to my husband for going along with all my plans and being a good sport. I can’t wait for next year!!


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