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Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. How is it already Friday?? This week went by at record speed. We basically prepared for the 4th, partied on the 4th, then recovered from the 4th. We are shooting a wedding this evening in Pocatello and I am so excited! Tyler is playing in a golf tournament first thing Saturday morning and I’m heading to Utah to pick up my baby brother!! He is visiting for the weekend between basketball tournaments and we can’t wait to show him around town.
Now, on to todays post! The ruffle trend has been EVERYWHERE this spring and summer, and I foresee this trend going all the way into this fall! Ruffles are something that have always perceived as ugly and outdated. I totally thought the same thing until this year. So many brands and designers have done an amazing job of creating pieces that are new, fresh, and break the stereotype! I receeived a package in the mail a few weeks ago of pieces I had ordered, I proceeded to try them all on for Tyler and his only response was “wow… you really love ruffles don’t you?” haha. He wasn’t wrong – I do love ruffles!
My favorite thing about wearing a top with a little somethin’ somethin’ is that it adds dimension to the outfit. It is essentially already styled for you! Not need for much jewelry or other accessories. Easy peasy!
For this look, I paired my Shein ruffle top (only $22!) with my favorite white Articles of Society jeans. When I showed Tyler this outfit, I asked “is this cute or do I look like a have a job at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory?”. He answered with, “a little bit of both”.
Here are some of my favorite ruffle pieces right now!
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How do you feel about the ruffle trend?? Love it or leave it?? Let me know in the comments below!
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