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4 Tugs At My Heart Strings

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! I hope your summer is swell so far! I know ours has been.

I recently took a little break from social media to spend time with my family. While this blog and social media are both things that I love, I’ve come to realize that I love being in the moment even more. So I apologize for my lack of activity – I could have hundreds of cute photos of all our recent ventures, but I cherish the mental photographs taken on those days so much more.

I don’t know what it is here lately, but I’ve been oddly emotional over the smallest things. And no, it’s not pregnancy hormones! haha. My heart has been touched in so many different ways recently. Here are 4 things that have really struck me as of late!

 #1. A Dream Chaser

My youngest brother Clayton is 17 years old and will be a senior in high school this fall. He has basically been a basketball prodigy since 3rd grade and worked hard to develop his talent and succeed in the sport. He plays competitive AAU basketball all summer long for a team based out of Utah, which means he and my mom spend the entire month of July in Salt Lake City. Last week between tournaments and practices, we had the chance to bring Clayton up here to Idaho to spend the weekend with us. We golfed (a lot), tubed down the river, BBQ’d, and chatted about college and life.

The best part of the trip, however, was the day we took him to tour the Utah State University campus. He had been invited by the basketball coaches to tour the facilities and meet the coaching staff in the interest of a basketball scholarship for next season. This has been Clayton’s dream since he was in elementary school – play college basketball at the Division 1 level. I’ve witnessed the amount of hard work he has put into pursuing this dream and the game he loves. His dream of playing college basketball is coming true. Whether that’s at Utah State or not, he’s chased this childhood dream all the way to 17 years old. I could not be more proud.

#2. A Sacrificer

My other brother Brady is 18 years and recently finished his first year of college at BYU-Idaho here in Rexburg. He and I were attached at the hip this past year. We would eat lunch together nearly every day, go grocery shopping together, watch movies on weeknights, you name it. We’ve always been close, but living in the same town for college strengthened our relationship greatly.

Last month, Brady took a courageous leap of faith and submitted paperwork for his two year LDS mission. He awaited his assignment for nearly six weeks, knowing he could be sent nearly anywhere in the world speaking any number of foreign languages. When his assignment finally arrived in the mail, we planned an extensive Skype session and each member of the family placed two guesses – one foreign and one domestic. My two guesses were California and NE Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). At 10 pm Alaska Time on Sunday, July 9th, family members from Idaho and Utah alike logged onto Skype and tuned in as Brady opened his call.

He was called to serve in the Idaho, Idaho Falls mission. I couldn’t believe it. Out of all the places in the entire world, he would be spending the next two years of his life serving 15 minutes away from me. The same place he just moved away from. Shocked and in disbelief, I asked Brady how he felt about this assignment. He informed me that he’s extremely excited to be going back to Idaho and can’t wait to start serving. He is truly sacrificing two years of his life to serve and teach others our beliefs. Again, as a sister, I could not be more proud.

#3. A Genuine Compliment Giver

Tyler and I shot a wedding last weekend in Pinedale, Wyoming. A three-hour drive from our house, Pinedale is an adorable little town nestled in the high mountain desert of Wyoming. The wedding was held at a ski resort in the mountains with jaw dropping views. We had never met the bride before, only conversed through phone conversations in recent months. The bride’s name was Jordanne, and she was the kindest bride I have ever met in my wedding photography career. Upon completing the most challenging photography aspects of the day, she paid us multiple compliments on our hard work and talent. She even gave us a very generous tip, which has never happened to us before. I nearly cried when she said these kind things to us. Tyler and I have worked hard to create a system that allows for zero to no error on a wedding day. Sometimes genuine compliments from a bride go so far in boosting our confidence. It is so refreshing to know that there are still genuinely kind people out there who will go out of their way to appreciate your hard work. Even on their wedding day.

#4. A Supporter

My husband of course. As we are nearing our second wedding anniversary, I’ve been reminiscing on the past (almost) 24 months we’ve spent as a married couple. I can honestly say that we are more in love now than we ever have been, even on our wedding day. Creating a life together, succeeding and failing together, spending days of uninterrupted time together. There are all things that have made me fall even more in love. He supports me in everything I pursue, whether that’s this blog, planning a Christmas party in July, trips home to see my family, all of it. He supports me. I could cry just thinking about it! If I could describe how I feel about my life right now in one word, it would be happy. And I owe the majority of that happiness to my loving, caring, supportive husband. I know you’ll read this so…. Tyler – I love you!

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around. I’m sorry if this post was a little heavy or a LOT sappy. I wanted to document these feelings and hopefully feel them all over again when I read this post in years to come.

I love y’all!!!



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