A Month In Review: July

Hey everyone! Long time no see! It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to sit at my computer, gather my thoughts, and write a meaningful post on here. The past couple weeks have been crazy for us, but things are (just slightly) slowing down so I’m here to update you all on our month of July! I cannot believe it’s already August… where has the summer gone??


We started off the month with a bang – Independence Day! We decided to stay local this year and enjoyed the parade on Main Street in Rexburg, floating the river in the afternoon, then the most incredible firework show in Idaho Falls that night! It truly was a great day. Read more about it here!

Most dogs are afraid of fireworks, but Harvey loved them! We took him to the show with us and he didn’t make a single peep. World’s best dog!

The following week, Clayton came to town! He spend the entire month traveling all over with his basketball team, and we were lucky enough to snag him for a weekend. The boys golfed, we floated the river again, and took Clayton to a campus visit at Utah State. It was a fun weekend, definitely not long enough!

While Clayton was with us, Brady opened his mission call to Idaho Falls! We are so excited for him!

Here is a map of where his mission covers!

The summer wedding to rule them all. It was July 7th (7/7/17), and 98 degrees outside for their outdoor wedding! I don’t think I have ever been that hot in my entire life. They had candles in jars as their centerpieces and they didn’t exactly make it… Everyone was so happy when the sun went down!!

And just like that, we were off to Portland for a wedding! Chocolate licorice is Tyler’s candy of choice and I honestly can’t think of anything more disgusting… haha. We shot the wedding at the Portland temple which was BEAUTIFUL, and saw some other fun sights along the way, including this cute house!

I went straight from Portland to Salt Lake City. The whole family (minus my dad) were visiting my grandma for a couple days before heading to Vegas for a basketball tournament. Because we weren’t able to attend the big tournament this year due to weddings, I went down to visit with them for a few days while I had the chance!

I love them so much.

Probably my favorite photo from the entire month right here.

We watched pioneer day fireworks from the capitol building in Salt Lake, it was an incredible view! 

This is Clayton, holding up my sunglasses for me to use a mirror to apply my lip gloss. I laugh every time I see this!!!

After they all left for Vegas, I stayed in Salt Lake for a couple additional days to shoot a wedding on my own. The bride was a friend of mine from way WAY back in the day! my family lived in Utah for 7 years before moving to AK, and the bride and I were friends as 4 and 5 year olds. We kept in touch over the years and wound up shooting here wedding! The reception was at the chapel my family attended when we lived there, and the brides family still attends. Before the reception started, I took a drive down memory lane and stopped by our old house to take a photo! 

I drove straight back to Idaho after the reception ended on Thursday night. One of my favorite parts of summer happened on Friday – the Preston Night Rodeo! Much of Tyler’s family is from Preston and the rodeo is a huge deal there. I love the country feel you get at the rodeo and it truly is so much fun to watch the competitions! I was getting so into it, I even bought myself a basic Idaho cowgirl sparkly belt… Tyler was like “uhhh… who are you???” And last but not least, Tyler’s aunt and uncle had the chance to go watch Clayton play in Vegas. I loved getting this photo from her!! This is Brady, Clayton, and Tyler’s cousin Boston in the middle!

Thanks so much for stopping by you guys!! I love y’all and I hope your July was great!



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