A Month in Review: August

WOWZA, it’s September! How?? When?? Honestly just so confused at how fast time is going by… Slow down please??

The month of August was one of my favorites in a long time. SO many fun and amazing things happened this month!

We kicked off the month by shooting we wedding at Temple Square in Salt Lake! This is hands down my favorite place to shoot, it was such beautiful wedding!

Wildfires this year have been crazy! This pic was taken in Pocatello when there was a fire burning nearby. Thankfully none were big enough to cause any serious destruction! Fires do make for the best sunsets though..

We shot our first wedding at the Idaho Falls temple since its reopening earlier this year! It was a beautiful (and HOT) day!

Besides weddings, the first half of the month was a total blur… We shot a few senior sessions, did a couple more weddings (4 in 8 days!) and I got ready for my trip to AK!!!

I had a 7 hour layover in Seattle on my way to Alaska. I actually booked it that way on purpose, my sister lives in Seattle and I got to spend some time with her! She picked me up from the airport and we went to dinner together. I’m headed back to Seattle for a weekend here soon to go to Coldplay with my sis, I’m SO excited!!

One of the best parts of the month… A free upgrade to first class from Seattle to Anchorage!!! I was one of the last people on the plane and one of the ticket counter workers asked in anyone in line was traveling alone. I reluctantly raised my hand and the worker pulled me aside. He quietly asked if I wanted to sit in first class, and of course I said yes! I learned an important life lesson – if you are traveling alone, be one of the last ones on the plane an if there are any left over first class seats, you are more likely to get one!!

The view from my parents deck!

I was lucky enough to hit the river on my second day home with my dad and  two brothers! We fished for Silver salmon out on the Deshka river, one of our favorite spots. The silver run typically happens at the beginning of August, but the run happened to be a few weeks late this year. How lucky for me!! We caught our limit in a few hours and had an absolute BLAsT! 

Mission farewell for Brady! He received his endowment in the Anchorage temple on Saturday and we had a get together for him at our house on Sunday. He looks so cute in a suit!! I love him so much.

This photo is from Brady’s farewell party – my parents neighbors have little kids and my dad loves Jackson! Somebody get that guy a grandkid…. 😉 

Since Brady didn’t leave until Tuesday night, we decided to go fishing again on Monday! This time it was myself, Brady, Martha, and her then fiancé Austin. Fishing was a tiny bit slower than Saturday, but still not bad! We caught our limit again and had the best time enjoying each others company!

The day Brady left, we are lunch together on this dock overlooking the lake. It was gorgeous!

And then it was time! Time to drop Brady off at the airport. There was the most incredible sunset that night, which I thought was a cool and beautiful way to send him off. Things got a little emotional at the airport… We all shed some tears but tried to rip the band aid off as quickly as we could. We are all so proud of him!!!

Martha’s bridal shower! It was such fun evening put together by Martha’s maid of honor, Lena. I loved seeing all the girls I grew up with!! I also had the chance to go to the Alaska State Fair with some old high school friends! If you haven’t been, the State Fair is held in my hometown of Palmer, and it is a BIG deal. I’ve been going with friends with middle school – we love the fair!!

And just like that – it was Martha’s wedding day!!!! It was such a beautiful day in every way. I was even lucky enough to tag along on her bridal session and take a few shots of my own. It was absolutely unreal!! 

Austin’s little brother, Brayden, was BFF’s with Brady when they were both at college together! It was a huge bummer than Brady left for his mission one day before Brayden arrived for the wedding. I had to take a couple photos and send them to Brady!

I took a red eye out the night of the wedding and caught the most beautiful sunrise while getting on my connecting flight in Seattle! It was the first time since I’ve been married that I’ve actually been sad to leave Alaska. It stole my heart!

I turned 22!

And last but not least, I died and went to heaven yesterday afternoon when I was introduced to these puppies. My sis in law Morgan is thinking about buying one so I tagged along to meet them! And OHMYGOSH were they adorable. I was in love!!!

Hope your month of August was a great one!



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