Life Update | 11.2.17

Hey everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a little life update on here! Life is kinda crazy right now so brace yourself – this is a long one!

Where to start…..

About a year ago, the company Tyler had been working for, Protection 1, laid off him and dozens of other workers in Idaho and Utah. Tyler’s co-workers then decided to start their own security company and hired Tyler on as the marketing specialist. It is basically a summer sales company where sales reps are assigned to an area for the summer and go door-to-door selling security systems. In the back office, Tyler was in charge of things like sales incentives, marketing materials, and graphic design.

To help you understand a little more about my husband, he is an entrepreneur at heart. He is happier and works much harder when he is working for himself rather than working for someone else. He wasn’t giving his all to the marketing job and wasn’t happy. Tyler has sold before and expressed some interest in the door-to-door sales gig. The guys he was working for are genuinely great guys and care about Tyler so much that they decided to let him go from the marking job to pursue sales and other entrepreneurial ideas full time. We were so confused and distraught by this at first, but we soon realized that it truly was for the better.

So there you have it – we are now officially doing the summer sales gig. Meaning that we will be assigned a place and live there for 5 months while Tyler sells. It could be anywhere – Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, who knows. While we are giving up the comfort of a salary job and guaranteed paychecks, I know this opportunity will be a great change for us. Tyler is over the moon excited to get back to where he is working full time for himself.

So from now until when the summer starts in March or April, Tyler will spend one week out of every month on a preseason trip or “blitz” selling security systems. He was in Bend, Oregon all last week selling with a few other salesmen, who happen to be his brother and best friends.

Since we’ve been married, we’ve been lucky enough to live in a lovely townhome owned by Tyler’s sister Michelle. Tyler has actually lived here for nearly 5 years with his siblings and dozens of other roommates. It has worked out great for both parties – we get a great place to live and Michelle gets more equity in the house as time goes on. However, the time has come when Michelle is ready to sell the townhouse – which we totally understand a support!

Knowing we have to move has made us rethink a lot of things. Do we rent somewhere else? Do we buy a house? And the biggest question of all – where? Rexburg? Boise? Idaho Falls? Logan?

Tyler has lived here in Rexburg for almost 10 years, and I have for almost 4. We have built such a great network of people here but feel like there may be more opportunity for us somewhere a little bigger. We woke up one morning and Tyler looked at me and said, “Let’s move to Boise.” Since then, we had been dead set that that’s where we would go. But now with all the job madness, we are more confused than ever!!

We have spent the last month or so back and forth from Boise, and although I am in love the idea of Boise, Tyler still has his heart in Southeast Idaho.

If you were to ask us where we’ll be one year from now, the answer would be we have no freaking clue. We are truly at such a crossroads in our life together. It’s a little fun, but wow is it scary too!! I feel like our first two years of marriage have been smooth sailing until now. We’ve never moved and never taken a chance like this before. Personally, I love big changes so I can’t wait to see where the next year will take us. We will still be doing weddings here and there, but not nearly as much as we’ve done the past few summers.

We facetime my family every Sunday and each week it seems like we tell them different life plan haha. Even though our life is confusing and crazy, I am so glad I’m doing all of this with Tyler! He is the best. I look forward to long drives with him because we can just hang out and talk. He truly is my best friend.

One thing that I’m having a bit of a hard time with this year is the holidays coming up. One of the best parts of the holidays is putting your tree up and decorating your home for Christmas. Depending on when we end up moving out, I don’t know if it’s even worth it to put up our tree this year. We recently built and stained a beautiful mantle in our living room and I won’t even get the chance to decorate it. It’s not our home anymore. I know that may seem like a silly thing to be bummed about, but being in between homes for the holidays will be tough! I get comfort in the fact that next Christmas, we will (hopefully) have a house of our own that we can deck out for the holidays. Send all the positive Christmas vibes because I am feeling pretty down about it!

A few other things that have been going on lately:

I got to see my brother who is serving a mission in our area. He mentioned he would be up on campus for an event, and we decided to track him down and surprise him. His face when he saw us was absolutely priceless – I started bawling my eyes out! It was by far one of coolest moments I’ve ever had. We got to talk to him for a few minutes before he returned to his group, but it was so worth it! I am so proud of him!

We were total lame-o’s for Halloween this year.. We will do better next year!! This holiday makes me excited to have kids and enjoy Halloween with them one day.

After Tyler got back from Oregon last week, we spent a couple days up at a cabin in the McCall area with our friends Beau and Jackie. Jac snapped these pics for us and I love how they turned out!!

Anyways, thanks for reading this huge long rant about our life hahaha. I hope you all are having a great week!!



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