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Bucket List: 12 Things Before Christmas

Last weekend, we had zero plans. No previous engagements, our work was done for the week, and we found ourselves bored to death with no ideas!! I started making a list in my notebook of things we could to this December to help get us in the Christmas spirit. We decided on these 12 things as out final list – here’s to hoping we can finish them all before the 25th!

2017 Shearer Christmas Bucket List 

1. Read a book start to finish

2. Make a Christmas short film

3. Watch Elf while simultaneously Facetiming Clayton

4. See a play or musical

5. See the lights at Temple Square

6. Watch all the Harry Potter movies

7. Go ice skating

8. Volunteer our time

9. Start 2 new traditions

10. Visit family in Richfield and Preston

11. Make homemade gingerbread men

12. Visit Jackson Hole

Here are some photos from last December!

What’s on your December bucket list???

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