Christmas Weekend 2017

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas spent with the ones you love! The week between Christmas and New Years is such a funny time. We just got home this afternoon and are relaxing before the laundry and unpacking begins…. So while we are sitting here watching Netflix, here is a quick rundown of our Christmas weekend!

Our holiday weekend began on Friday. I have family on my dad’s side that live in Utah, and they decided their Christmas party this year at Top Golf in Salt Lake City. Tyler and I decided to drive down and make a day out of it! I didn’t get any photos at Top Golf, but here are some from Downtown and Temple Square. This is my absolute favorite place to visit especially because we got married here!!

We drove back to Pocatello on Friday night and stayed there for the remainder of the weekend. We spent most of Saturday out shopping! Last minute gifts, TONS of groceries, and other Christmas goodies. That evening, we went to the Shearer family holiday party in Idaho Falls. We ate dinner and did a white elephant style ornament exchange. We love those guys!

I loved that Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday! We went to church a 9 that morning. The Christmas program was wonderful and helped us remember the true meaning for the season!

We spent the rest of the day doing puzzles, watching movies, baking, and relaxing at home!

And just like that, it was Christmas Day! My family has a tradition of eating a special recipe of french toast on Christmas morning, and I made that same recipe for us to eat on Christmas morning here in Idaho! We slept in until about 9, and had a beautiful and delicious breakfast together as a family. My sister in law Morgan also has a brother out on a mission, so she got to Skype him after breakfast. When their call was over, we all gathered around the tree to open gifts.

When Tyler and I went Black Friday shopping, we saw this beautiful coat at a department store called Herberger’s. It was pretty expensive and we were shopping for other people anyways, so I didn’t get it. Tyler surprised me with that same coat on Christmas morning!! He went back later on Black Friday to buy it. It was the most thoughtful gift!! We both almost started crying when I opened it. Best surprise ever.

The snow was perfect and it wasn’t too terribly cold out, so we spent a couple hours that afternoon outside! We built two snowmen, and hooked up a sled to the back of a 4 wheeler. Tyler pulled Morgan and I in the sled and it was SO FUN!! We wiped out a few times and I even have some nasty bruises from the wrecks. Morgan had never experienced a white Christmas and never been sledding behind a snow machine or 4 wheeler before, and that made it so much more fun!

Perhaps the BEST part of the whole day was Skyping my brother Brady who is currently serving a mission. He only gets to talk to us twice a year, Mother’s Day and Christmas. It was such a special treat!!! He is doing great and loving the mission field.

We ended the day with more movies and gingerbread houses!

Overall, it was a great Christmas weekend filled with loved ones. We are so thankful to have family so close! Tyler’s parents did a wonderful job hosting everyone. Tyler and I learned a lot this Christmas about the importance of giving time and talents during the holiday season. Materiel gifts have become so much less important to us as we focused on the true meaning for this season.

We hope your Christmas weekend was full of love and laughter!

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