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2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!! I realized that I never made a new years resolution post last year, I wrote them down somewhere and cannot find them!! So, here I am this year, writing them on the internet for everyone to see and hold me accountable for 😉

2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Run a half marathon

Write in my journal 2x a week

Film more videos of everyday life

Reach 20k monthly blog views

Respond to emails and texts within the hour

Be more creative with photography

Pursue something I’m passionate about

Reach 10k followers on Instagram

Read one book per month

Make meaningful connections with people

I hope to revisit these in a few months and see how they are going! Overall, my biggest goal for 2018 is to progress personally and professionally. After learning many valuable lessons in 2017,  I am hoping to grow and flourish rather than staying in cruise control. I feel confident that I’ll be able to complete everything on this list in 2018! I can’t wait!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions??

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