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Hey everyone!

I hope your week has been going well! I wanted to talk about something on here that has been on my mind quite a lot lately – body positivity.

You guys, the comparison game is so real! Tyler and I have been going to the gym pretty consistently for the past 3-4 months, and I still compare myself to other girls at the gym all the time. It’s so bad!!

I model for a local boutique called LuluBella often, and they had activewear to shoot for their website last week. I showed up to this photoshoot surrounded by a handful of girls substantially younger than I and about 40 pounds lighter. My self confidence usually comes in waves, but was especially low at this particular time. I felt huge next to them. Especially in form fitting workout clothes that left nothing to the imagination. I asked myself this question as I left the shoot and came home – why am I feeling sorry for myself for weighing more than 100 pounds???

I have a healthy and unique body type. I have a small upper body and a curvy lower body, that’s just the way I’ve always been. I could workout for hours each day and eat as healthy as a horse, but I will never be a teeny tiny toothpick. I came to this realization when I first started college and was grossly intimidated by the vast number of stunning girls I was constantly surrounded by. I started working out like crazy. I tracked each and every calorie I consumed. There was a time when all I ate for a lunch was an apple because I was trying to lose weight Just ask Martha – she still gives me a hard time for that.

Anyways, please don’t think that I’m asking for pity or fishing for compliments here. Because that’s actually the opposite of what I’m trying to do. I wish there was some magical way that every woman would feel confident and stop comparing themselves to others, but there isn’t. I am guilty of it every day. BUT – there are some small things I do that help with my self confidence.

The first one is exercise regularly and attempt to eat somewhat healthy (duh). You will always be the first to notice when your body is making progress in the direction you desire. Others may not notice small changes, but you will. And even seeing those will help boost your self confidence (at least it does for me!)

Secondly, wear clothes that make you feel good. Learn how to dress your particular body shape in a flattering way that you love. I know the certain cuts, shapes, and colors the work best with my body type and make me feel good about myself. Find those for yourself and create a unique lineup of things that make you feel confident!

A few final thoughts on the topic. I truly believe that exercise and diet are very important to overall heath and energy. However, I know that there needs to be a balance between the things you love and striving to look good. No body is perfect – nor will there ever be a perfect body. I could spend my entire life trying to make myself look great on the outside, when what’s on the inside matters so much more.

Anyone have any thoughts on the topic?? Leave a comment below!


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