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First Day of Fall

It’s finally Friday and officially the first day of Fall! I’m feeling pretty blessed today – I am currently en route to the Salt Lake airport to catch a flight to Seattle. I am meeting my mom and sister there for a quick girls weekend and a Coldplay concert! I am so excited!! I’m gonna…

Sweater Weather

Hi everyone!! Thanks for stopping by! I know it’s been a minute. The last few weeks for me have been a bit overwhelming. With our final weddings of the season, I am finally getting time during the week to sit down and start editing… and wowza! I feel like I am drowning. Upwards of 25,000…

Midweek Mantra

How is today already Wednesday?? How is it almost mid-August?? If anyone out there has the answers to these questions, please feel free to fill me in…. During this crazy time of year, it’s been so difficult for me to write blog posts as consistently as I would like to. Midweek Mantra is a new…